When you choose your retail management system, you are not just choosing a product—you are choosing a partner.

And the partnership is all about you getting the services, support and expertise that you need to grow your retail business.

Since 1983, ACCEO Retail-1 has been partnering with chain retailers to help them optimize their store operations by leveraging management solutions designed specifically for their industry.

ACCEO implements IT solutions that simplify e-business operations and optimize our clients’ overall performance. And we sustain our partnerships by providing continued support and technical assistance for our clients.

Focused on mid-sized chain retailers

As Canada’s largest supplier of a full suite of retail software designed specifically for the mid-range market, ACCEO Retail-1 currently supports retail clients with hundreds of installed systems and thousands of points of sale (POS).

Our powerful management suite reflects 35 years of experience serving mid-size speciality retail chains in North America. Whatever the industry: fashion, lingerie, footwear, jewelry, home decor, etc. we have you covered.

Dedicated to your success

Every detail about your business is important to us. Our experts take the time to evaluate your unique needs, create a custom implementation and training plan and tailor the perfect solution for your retail business.

One software for all retail operations

Avoid the confusion and cost of integrating software components from different suppliers. ACCEO Retail-1 provides a single-source “closed loop” solution for specialty retail chain head offices, store operations, and point-of-sale systems. Centralize all your retail chain operations into a single tool and create more time to do what you do best—serve your customers.

Ask for a customized demo

Ready for a personalized demo? We can schedule an online presentation to show you how ACCEO Retail-1 works and assess your needs.

Your choice for hardware and hosting

We understand that implementing new software can be stressful for our clients. That’s why ACCEO Retail-1 gives you options to manage your retail chain business your own way. You have the choice to buy new hardware equipment or keep your own. You decide where you stock your data. Then, we create the solution that fits your choices.

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Truly an omnichannel solution

Support the omnichannel customer shopping journey. Manage and converge all touch points of your retail chain with the ACCEO Retail-1 fully integrated Back-Office System designed to offer a universal commerce platform. Let your data move freely across platforms including POS, CRM, e-commerce, order management, and more.

Discover what makes us different.

Book your personalized demo today and find out why leading retailers are finding success with ACCEO Retail-1.

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