Automate your Business Intelligence

Optimize sales and maintain profitability by managing and identifying inventory and styles that are slow-moving or not selling with RedLine. ACCEO Retail-1 RedLine is a retail intelligence tool that supports buyers with markdown management, allowing the user to focus on the products that need immediate attention and action. User-defined rules and what-if analysis provides the necessary insight into the right markdown strategy.

Target any supplier, class or department that is not turning at a fast enough rate and increase turn and gross margin by focusing only on styles that need to be marked down.

Protect Profits

Retail buyers can protect their profits with the ability to identify and focus on the styles that need attention.  Making effective and timely decisions is imperative to the bottom line.  With improved sell-through, reduced markdown costs, and a higher retained margin retailers will benefit from a strategy with proven result.

Apply Rules Consistently

Take the emotion out of markdowns and never miss another sales opportunity. User-defined markdown rules and policies can be applied consistently to identify those products or styles that need to be marked down and by how much.

Establish Step Rules

ACCEO Retail-1 RedLine uses a hierarchy system to establish step rules for markdowns based on price points, gross margins, or retail price.  RedLine looks at inventory turn rates to tag slow-moving and previously marked down products for review.

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Centralize operations at head office, from omnichannel retailing, merchandising, open-to-buy, warehouse management, and more!


Manage and control your entire business in a single environment.

Integrated retail channels allow you to meet consumer demands and expectations by seamlessly providing them with what they want when they want and in their channel of choice.

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Meet the expectations of your omnichannel customers and offer the products and options they demand!

Retail-1 seamlessly allows you to manage inventory, assortment, and allocation across channels. Gain control over pricing and manage suppliers with ease.

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Centralize Merchandise, Store, and Financial Planning

The ACCEO Retail-1 Open-to-Buy offers integrated inventory and store planning functions like what-if models and intelligent open-to-buy analysis.

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