ACCEO Retail-1 Omnichannel retail software provides real-time visibility across the entire retail ecosystem, including key elements and processes that quickly respond to all business and customer needs. From flexible fulfillment, dynamic business intelligence, CRM and loyalty, to endless aisle, and the option of web integrations, the ACCEO Retail-1 Omnichannel offering allows retailers to improve efficiencies, raise productivity, and optimize procedures across all channels.

Flexible Fulfillment

Increase your cross channel sales, basket size, foot traffic, upsell opportunities, and customer loyalty with flexible fulfillment. 

Give your customers what they want, when they want, and where they want! With real-time inventory visibility across your retail channels, you will be able to allow your customers to purchase, take delivery, or return a product through the channel of their choice. With ACCEO Retail-1 omnichannel fulfillment, you can fulfill orders anywhere, offer buy online and pick-up in-store (BOPIS), buy online return in-store (BORIS), and provide ship from store (s) and warehouse.

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Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics that allows you to transform challenges into opportunities

Unlock the potential of your retail ecosystem and know exactly what’s happening across your retail business with data insights that enable you to identify, understand, and respond. Gain insight into overall retail operations, develop and deploy meaningful strategies around products, services, and brand experiences with ACCEO Retail-1 Business Intelligence. The BI Suite consists of an executive information reporting tool, a mobile web application, and a multidimensional data warehouse, all of which are essential to obtaining optimal store operations, inventory levels and assortments, and ultimately the consumer experience.

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Drive long-term loyalty and recurring revenue by creating richer, more personalized experiences for your customers

Intelligent customer engagement that fosters lasting relationships online and in-store is essential in today’s retail environment. Understanding, identifying, and interacting with shoppers is key to providing an exceptional customer journey. ACCEO Retail-1 CRM/Loyalty allows retailers to capture customer data, such as shopping behaviors, buying habits, patterns, and trends to create targeted offers that drive customer loyalty.

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Web Integration

Store and web create one great retail experience!

Integrate your e-commerce with your retail operations and give your retail chain that competitive edge. Leverage the latest in e-commerce technology and let your customer’s shop however they want. Seamlessly process online orders for direct-to-home shipping or in-store pickup with ACCEO Retail-1 Web Store.

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3rd Party Integrations

Helping retailers reach their full potential

Committed to offering best-of-breed software solutions, ACCEO Retail-1 seamlessly integrates with various platforms.  Complementing our software through integrations provides retailers with added functionality and increased value. With years of experience, our experts ensure that the integration process is smooth and painless, and are committed to delivering the business value you expect.

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Endless Aisle

With Retail-1 Endless Aisle, the aisle never ends!

Retail-1 Endless aisle allows retailers to offer consumers the ability to order any product throughout their entire inventory ecosystem. Whether it’s online, in-store, or even out-of-stock, with Retail-1 endless aisle, the full inventory of products is always available.

Drop Ship

Leverage the full range of your vendor products without having them in stock with ACCEO Retail-1 Drop Ship.

Expand your product offer, carry a leaner inventory, drive sales, and provide superior customer experiences.  With Retail-1 Drop Ship, your vendor fulfills and ships directly to your customer.

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Discover additional head-office operation components

Centralize operations at head office, from omnichannel retailing, merchandising, open-to-buy, warehouse management, and more!

Web Integration

Store and web create one great retail experience!

Integrate your e-commerce with your retail operations and give your retail chain that competitive edge with ACCEO Retail-1 Web Store.

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Meet the expectations of your omnichannel customers and offer the products and options they demand!

Retail-1 seamlessly allows you to manage inventory, assortment, and allocation across channels. Gain control over pricing and manage suppliers with ease.

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Centralize Merchandise, Store, and Financial Planning

The ACCEO Retail-1 Open-to-Buy offers integrated inventory and store planning functions like what-if models and intelligent open-to-buy analysis.

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