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Do you lead a department store, yet feel lost in a maze of fragmented data, siloed operations, and cryptic customer insights? ACCEO Retail-1 will guide you towards streamlined efficiency, optimized experiences, and unrivalled profitability.

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Omnichannel Retailing:

Sell Anywhere, Deliver Everywhere: ACCEO Retail-1 enables you to offer buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS), ship from anywhere, and even let customers return online purchases at your store. Customers are happy, sales are soaring, your retail business is buzzing!

Know Your Loyal Shoppers Inside Out: ACCEO Retail-1 gives you real-time data on everything your customers browse and buy. Use this wisdom to craft personalized offers and recommend the perfect gifts, then watch loyalty surge!

Endless Aisles? More Like Endless Profits!: Forget cramped shelves—your inventory has no limits! ACCEO Retail-1 lets your customers order anything, even if it’s out of stock or hiding in a distant warehouse. No more lost sales, just happy customers.

Web and Stores, Hand in Hand: No more online vs. in-store wars! ACCEO Retail-1 weaves your website and stores into one dazzling tapestry. Customers can seamlessly switch between them, browse online while in-store, and enjoy a truly unified shopping experience.

Advanced Inventory Management:

Say Goodbye to Guesswork: Inventory by Bin tracks every item in real-time, down to its designated bin, providing flawless visibility and eliminating inaccurate counts. No more frantic hunts or embarrassing stockouts.

Master the Pick and Pack: Directed Pick and Pack with RF and scanning stations ensures every order is picked and packed with laser-sharp precision, guaranteeing on-time, complete deliveries to your stores.

Optimize your supply chain: Manage pre-packs, case packs, and traditional pick and pack with ease, while intelligent replenishment algorithms maintain perfect stock levels across your chain.

Empower your team, maximize output: Scan-based receiving accelerates product arrival, while real-time visibility lets you optimize staffing and workloads. Track individual performance and boost overall warehouse productivity.

Mobility and in-store associate empowerment with mPOS:

Real-time updates, no app downloads required: Leverage the power of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) for instant access through any modern web browser, eliminating the need for traditional app updates. No need for complex setups, the mPOS syncs effortlessly with your existing retail ecosystem.

Say goodbye to long lines: Associates can scan items while customers wait, speeding up checkout and improving the in-store experience.

Virtual carts keep the shopping flow smooth: Scan items as customers browse, and their cart is ready for checkout when they are, minimizing wait times and abandoned purchases.

Personalize every interaction: Access customer profiles and loyalty information directly on the mPOS, allowing for targeted offers and a truly personalized experience.

Learn how Retail-1 adapts to your customer’s buying preferences and keeps you at pace with your competitors. Book a free demo today.

Data-driven insights and business intelligence

Executive Insights at a Glance: ACCEO Retail-1 EIS Dashboards provide your head office with a concise, visual overview of store performance, supplier trends, and key merchandise metrics. Gain instant clarity on the past week, month, and year-to-date, empowering rapid strategic decisions.

Knowledge in Your Pocket: Mobile Intelligence with ACCEO Retail-1 Simon puts real-time inventory, merchandising, store operations, and customer data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Stay informed, make smart adjustments, and react to opportunities on the fly.

Deep Dives into Data: ACCEO Retail-1 Cubes offers a multidimensional data warehouse environment. Leveraging data mining and online analytical processing (OLAP), it lets you dive deep into inventory, customer behavior, supplier relationships, and employee performance. Identify hidden trends, uncover actionable insights, and craft data-driven strategies for ultimate success.

Seamless integration with existing business systems

Best-of-Breed Integrations and an always expanding portfolio: ACCEO Retail-1 partners with the leading names in retail software, ensuring seamless connectivity and maximum value. ACCEO Retail-1 provides a single-source “closed loop” solution for specialty retail chain head offices, store operations, and point-of-sale systems.

Payment processing: Simplify transactions and accept payments securely with a variety of trusted providers.

Marketing automation: Utilize customer data and purchase behavior to tailor your marketing efforts. Free-flowing data from ACCEO Retail-1 can be used to deliver hyper-targeted campaigns, measure results, and optimize your marketing ROI.

Logistics and shipping: Automate fulfillment processes, offer convenient shipping options, and track deliveries effortlessly.

Greater security, data-control and reliability with an on-premise system

Greater control over data: You have complete ownership and control over your data, including sensitive information. This can be crucial for businesses with a large number of stores and customers.

Reduced risk of data breaches: You are less reliant on third-party cloud providers, which can minimize the risk of data breaches caused by external vulnerabilities.

Reduced dependence on internet connectivity: Your system operates independently of the internet, avoiding disruptions or performance issues caused by network outages or fluctuations. 81% of retailers may experience POS downtime at least once a year, and 87% of those businesses wait four hours or more for support from their POS supplier. Can you afford to lose $100,000? Because that is the average amount of a single hour of downtime reported by an ITIC study.

Potential cost savings in the long run: While initial hardware and infrastructure investments can be significant, on-premise systems can offer cost savings over time compared to ongoing cloud subscription fees.

Learn how Retail-1 adapts to your customer’s buying preferences and keeps you at pace with your competitors. Book a free demo today.