Drives sales, business growth and deliver frictionless customer experiences

As retail complexity continues to grow with omnichannel demands at the forefront of retail business practices, it’s more important than ever to manage your retail enterprise with a single software that integrates, in-store, e-commerce and head-office operations.

The ACCEO Retail-1 software provides today’s retailer with leading-edge technology that unifies commerce, optimizes fulfillment, delivers frictionless customer experiences.

Store Operations

Store operations made easier. Manage every aspect of store operations with a dynamic, intuitive, and easy to use all-in-one system!

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Point of Sale

Simplify your day-to-day operations and run your business for success!

End-to-end in-store operations, from fast transaction processing, CRM/clienteling, inventory management & in-store fulfillment, and more!

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Store Traffic Monitoring

Improve conversion and maximize profitability

Access real-time sales and traffic data, improve store decision-making, and consolidate chain-wide results.

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Gift Card

Give the ultimate gift!

GEMX Money Card is the exclusive gift card solution for ACCEO Retail-1 customers that provides real-time internet access to card balances and transaction history.

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Integrated Payment

Fast and secure transaction processing in-store and online!

Retail-1 integrates with various leading payment providers, offering today’s consumer a seamless and secure checkout experience.

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Head Office Operations

Centralize operations at head office, from omnichannel retailing, merchandising, open-to-buy, warehouse management and more!

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Manage and control your entire business in a single environment.

Integrated retail channels allow you to meet consumer demands and expectations by seamlessly providing them with what they want when they want and in their channel of choice.

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Meet the expectations of your omnichannel customers

Retail-1 seamlessly allows you to manage inventory, assortment, and allocation across channels. Gain control over pricing and manage suppliers with ease.

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Centralize Merchandise, Store, and Financial Planning

The Retail-1 Open-to-buy offers integrated inventory and store planning functions like what-if models and intelligent open-to-buy analysis.

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Markdown Management

Identify and action slow-moving merchandise!

ACCEO Retail-1 RedLine is a retail intelligence tool that supports buyers with markdown management allowing retailers to strategize in order to optimize sales and maintain profitability.

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Warehouse Management

Keep real-time control of your warehouse!

ACCEO Retail-1 e-Shipper is designed for complex and high volume distribution environments. Manage and control your warehouse from planning, inventory, distribution to employee productivity, and more!

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Web Integration

Store and web create one great retail experience!

Integrate your e-commerce with your retail operations and give your retail chain that competitive edge with ACCEO Retail-1 Web Store.

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Business Intelligence

Advanced Analytics that allows you to transform challenges into opportunities!

ACCEO Retail-1 offers a selection of modern business intelligence tools that deliver the necessary insight into overall retail operations, crucial in developing and deploying new strategies around products, services, and brand experiences.

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EIS Dashboards

Retail intelligence that allows retailers to take immediate action!

EIS Dashboards is an executive information reporting component essential for planning and controlling performance across your retail enterprise.

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Simon Mobile Intelligence

Anytime, Anywhere Analytics

Make faster better-informed business decisions with real-time KPI information. Simon provides immediate access to inventory, merchandising, store operations, and customer data all in the palm of your hand.

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Data Warehouse - Cubes

Collect, consolidate, organize, and action all data across your retail enterprise!

Cubes is a multi-dimensional data warehouse application that uses business intelligence and data mining with full drill-down capabilities.

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