Become a more dynamic retailer and reduce operational complexity from back-office to front

ACCEO Retail-1 Head-Office Operations offer insight and transparency into every aspect of your retail business operations. With omnichannel capabilities, dynamic merchandising, open-to-buy, price management, and intuitive warehouse management and more, leading retailers with benefit from a total software solution that drives not only success but also growth and future development.

Let ACCEO Retail-1 take the stress out of running your retail business. With robust head office features like merchandising and inventory management, business intelligence, pricing and promotion management, financials, and more, we give you the time to focus on what’s important… your customers.


Cater to the convenience-driven consumers who want the best of both in-store and online shopping—the “I want it now and make it a memorable experience,” consumer! Create a single brand identity across all channels and meet consumer expectations by ensuring the right product is at the right place at the right time.

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Efficiently align your inventory assortment to today’s consumer preferences and demands. Benefit from sophisticated purchasing, allocation, and replenishment functionality, and make better business decisions with product performance, and vendor analysis and reporting.

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In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, it’s especially crucial to recognize the importance of planning, forecasting, and budgeting. ACCEO Retail-1 OTB includes integrated inventory and stores planning functions like what-if models and open-to-buy analysis and reporting allowing retailers to plan for future requirements accurately.

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Markdown Management – Pricing and Promotion

Take the emotion out of markdowns and ensure profitability without resorting to huge discounts with ACCEO Retail-1 Redline. Redline is an intelligence tool that helps buyers create markdown strategies that optimize sales and maintain profitability. Gain control over your pricing and promotions and manage performance throughout the product life cycle.

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Warehouse Management

Gain real-time warehouse control with ACCEO Retail-1 e-Shipper, a warehouse management system designed for complex, high distribution environments. It integrates seamlessly with scanning stations and RF devices for ultimate distribution operations. Manage the receipt, hold, and distribution of goods and control pick, pack, and ship with ease.

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