ACCEO Retail-1 offers retailers infinite possibilities

Manage and control all aspects of your omnichannel retail business with a single software system that provides everything you need to operate your retail enterprise successfully.

Easy store operations management and POS

Run your point of sale and store operations with a one-source enterprise solution that can manage everything from any channel sales, inventory to CRM, and employee performance.

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Omnichannel Retailing

A robust retail software suite to manage your entire business from front end to back. Deliver dynamic and consistent omnichannel experiences.

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Business Intelligence

Modern business intelligence tools that allow you to deploy profitable strategies around products, services, and brand experiences.

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Why you should consider ACCEO Retail-1

We’ve been helping retailers successfully manage their business with industry-leading solutions since 1983.

What makes us different?

Focused on Growth

Our retail management solution is custom-designed around the needs of multi-channel, multi-store specialty retailers across North America. We focus on improving our product development and evolution based on industry trends and those dictated by our existing clients to offer an all-encompassing comprehensive retail software that supports the successful growth of retailers.

A true Omnichannel Solution

Our centralized solution with modern infrastructure has been designed and developed for your digital transformation. Synchronize your physical and digital selling environments and meet customer demands and expectations by seamlessly providing them with what they want, when they want and in their channel of choice.

Committed to your Success

Supporting and executing the long-term vision of our clients is our top priority. We offer a complete range of superior services that focuses on your businesses well-being and success. From professional services to client care and support, we are with you every step of the way!

Flexibility and Choice

Committed to offering best-of-breed software solutions, we integrate with various third party software platforms providing retailers with added functionality and increased value. Our flexibility and expertise ensure a smooth integration to the partner of your choice.

Hardware and Hosting

We know every business has unique requirements, which is why we let you choose your hardware and store your data information the way you want.


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