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EIS Dashboards is an executive information reporting component essential for planning and controlling performance across your retail enterprise. Ideally suited for Buyers, Directors, and Merchandisers, the EIS offers a consolidated operational overview of merchandise, vendors, and store performance that allows you to pinpoint specific areas and take immediate action. A powerful dashboard tool that produces summaries of key performance indicators, providing a concise and organized view of the chain’s overall performance.

Dynamic Reporting

Access a collective view of your most important information and compare and analyze using dynamic reporting dashboards. Capture business opportunities, anticipate slow movers, and avoid shortfalls. Leverage the ability to drill down and benefit from the flexibility and details EIS dashboards offer.

Key Performance Indicators

Simplify your decision-making by tracking your KPIs quickly and clearly. Set priorities based on your retail business objectives and evaluate performance throughout your retail channels. Make proactive decisions that influence positive results.

Multi-level Performance Assessment

ACCEO Retail-1 EIS tracks performance by season, product, store, and vendor, by week, month or year and provides comparisons to current plans, previous year’s results and corporate performance benchmarks.

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Advanced Analytics that allows you to transform challenges into opportunities!

Data Warehouse - Cubes

Collect, consolidate, organize, and action all data across your retail enterprise!

Cubes is a multi-dimensional data warehouse application that uses business intelligence and data mining with full drill-down capabilities.

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Simon Mobile Intelligence

Anytime, Anywhere Analytics

Make faster better-informed business decisions with real-time KPI information. Simon provides immediate access to inventory, merchandising, store operations, and customer data all in the palm of your hand.

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