Organize data and inventory and serve customers better with a retail management system for home decor stores

Say goodbye to stockouts and wasted space. ACCEO Retail-1’s intelligent inventory management system helps you analyze demand, optimize ordering, and ensure you always have the right products in stock. With ACCEO Retail-1, you can free up your time and resources for what matters most. 

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Sell directly to your customers:

  • Leverage the full range of your vendor products without having them in stock with ACCEO Retail-1 Drop shipping and never again worry about space!
  • Carry a leaner inventory and bypass traditional retail channels by offering your customers unique and customizable products shipped directly to the location of choice
  • Quickly adapt to the ever-evolving home décor trends by keeping your inventory always up-to-date

Delight customers with a unified shopping experience:

  • Offer a personalized shopping experience to your customers no matter what channel they choose
  • Always remember your customer’s shopping preferences and create personalized offerings for them both in-store and online
  • Plan promotions and discounts ahead of time and safeguard your sales and profitability for the slower months

Tackle operational challenges like a pro!

  • Rising shipping costs impact availability leading to delays and increased operational costs. With ACCEO Retail-1 you get to steer clear of such challenges through flexible omnichannel fulfillment options
  • Avoid overstocking or understocking with real-time insights into your inventory at the bin level
  • Know exactly what is needed to be in stock and identify slow movers at the right time without additional investments in logistics and technology

Learn how Retail-1 adapts to your customer’s buying preferences and keeps you at pace with your competitors. Book a free demo today.

Seamlessly integrate to familiar tools and software:

  • Whether it’s your existing payment processor or an accounting software you are used to, ACCEO Retail-1 lets you bring in the tools that you are already familiar with
  • ACCEO Retail-1 offers integration to various leading CRMs, ERPs, marketing tools and payroll processing allowing back office and front office operations to run smoothly
  • Integrate data across different marketing channels, and use customer preferences to deliver truly personalized offerings

Mobile POS lets you sell more on the floor!

  • Eliminate customer frustration by cutting wait times instantly at the cash register with the ACCEO Retail-1 mobile POS line-busting feature.
  • Quickly locate products, manage inventory levels and store counts within the store and throughout the entire chain
  • Get to know customer purchase behavior instantly and create a memorable shopping experience by providing personalized service

Unlock the full potential of your home decor business with our data-driven retail management system

  • With our intelligent system running in the background, you’re always getting actionable insights allowing you to turn data into dollars
  • Make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, marketing and ultimately profitability all from one single platform
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and their buying habits. ACCEO Retail-1 provides comprehensive reports that help you identify trends, optimize your product selection, and personalize your marketing efforts.

Learn how Retail-1 adapts to your customer’s buying preferences and keeps you at pace with your competitors. Book a free demo today.