Increase the efficiency of your warehouse with ACCEO Retail-1 e-Shipper.  Designed for complex and high volume distribution environments, e-Shipper allows retailers to keep real-time control of their warehouse and distribution centers.  The flexibility of the software incorporates seamlessly with scanning stations and radio frequency (RF) devices for prompt distribution operations.

The ultimate solution for inventory management – Inventory by Bin!

With Inventory by Bin, all movements of inventory to and from a bin are tracked in real time. This means that you’ll always know exactly how much inventory you have in each bin, and you’ll be able to quickly identify any discrepancies or issues that arise.

In addition, our system ensures that all head office inventory movements are enforced with bin location identification. So you’ll be able to track inventory throughout the warehouse, and you’ll always know exactly where each item is located.

Our Inventory by Bin system also simplifies the picking process. When merchandise is picked from the RF, inventory is automatically removed from the corresponding bin. This streamlines the picking process and ensures that your inventory counts are always up to date.

Our system also allows for physical inventory to be taken at the bin level. You can then easily conduct accurate inventory counts for each bin and make any necessary adjustments to your inventory levels.

With the Inventory by Bin system, you’ll have full control over your inventory management process. You’ll be able to track inventory movements, streamline picking, and conduct accurate inventory counts—all from one easy-to-use platform. So why wait? Try our system today and revolutionize the way you manage your inventory!

Real-Time Warehouse Control

An efficient directed pick and pack process assures accurate counts for goods delivered to your stores. ACCEO Retail-1 e-Shipper accommodates warehouse space by using different warehouse flows such as Radiofrequency (RF) or scanning workstations.

Built for Distribution Efficiency

Effective distribution planning and operations are essential to profitability for specialty retailers. And an efficient supply chain management strategy is pivotal to our retailers’ success.

ACCEO Retail-1 comprises a full range of planning tools for product flows to stores, either by direct ship or through distribution centers.

Manage Initial Distribution and Replenishments

For product flowing through distribution centers, ACCEO Retail-1 supports a robust set of distribution capabilities for allocating bulk merchandise, pre-packs, case packs, and traditional pick and pack.

Replenishment algorithms maintain precise stock levels in stores while minimizing overall inventory investments. ACCEO Retail-1 helps manage warehouse functions such as back-stocks, cycle counts, and bin management.

Employee and Warehouse Productivity

The integrated scan-based process at the store level records the receipt of goods and speeds their way to the sales floor. Increase your units per hour (UPH)! Keep rigorous control of your staffing and stock with real-time tools for employee assignment and warehouse productivity. See what each employee is working on and how much work remains and keep your retail chain profitable.

Discover additional head-office operation components

Centralize operations at head office, from omnichannel retailing, merchandising, open-to-buy, warehouse management, and more!


Manage and control your entire business in a single environment.

Integrated retail channels allow you to meet consumer demands and expectations by seamlessly providing them with what they want when they want and in their channel of choice.

Discover ACCEO Retail-1 Omnichannel

Web Integration

Store and web create one great retail experience!

Integrate your e-commerce with your retail operations and give your retail chain that competitive edge with ACCEO Retail-1 Web Store.

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Meet the expectations of your omnichannel customers and offer the products and options they demand!

Retail-1 seamlessly allows you to manage inventory, assortment, and allocation across channels. Gain control over pricing and manage suppliers with ease.

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