Cyber Monday – Making the most of BOPIS

by Team Retail-1 - November 25, 2019

With predictions pointing to Cyber Monday online sale revenues in excess of $ 9.4 billion this holiday season, and BOPIS orders set to increase by 39% over 2018 (Source: Adobe), today’s smart retailer is looking for ways to make the most of their Cyber Monday events.

A unique and memorable BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) experience this Cyber Monday could turn out to be the year’s biggest driver to get online customers into your physical store.

In an environment where ease, time, and convenience rule, this big opportunity raises a big question—How does a retailer deliver a differentiated user experience that effectively (and profitably) converts the single-channel customer into a multi-channel customer?

Online Ordering Process

Whatever device or platform they use to buy online, customers value ease of purchase. So, providing a fluid online ordering process can significantly enhance your user experience satisfaction.

By clearly showing the number of items remaining in inventory in store (as close to real time as possible) and providing options and alternatives if a product is out of stock, your customers can make quicker decisions and limit the disappointment of not finding what they want.

Another way to add value to your online ordering process is to add flexibility to your checkout process. Provide the convenience to reserve online and pay in store, use multiple payment types, create mixed cart orders (direct ship and BOPIS) and allow modifications to a BOPIS order after it has been placed.

Complete the ordering process by providing your customer with specific next steps and clear pickup instructions.

Keep Communication Going

Timely customer notifications, such as order confirmation, order being processed, order ready for pickup, indicates that your business is engaged in and focused on streamlining the BOPIS process for its customers.

Online customers expect prompt about the status and progress of their order. Stay in contact by sending update information at key stages in their order. Inform them when the order is received, that it’s being processed, and ready for pickup. This demonstrates that you are diligently working for them and by association, saving them time.

Post pickup continue to build a lasting relationship by sending a personalized message about the item(s) purchased, after-sales support, new products, or upcoming events.

Success favours preparation

Be ready for the Cyber Monday BOPIS customer surge with proper staffing for each service point in store and a team of knowledgeable associates.

Customer-facing associates who keep having to go to the back store for online orders will give customers the impression that your store is not adequately set up for order pickups. Plus, it takes your in-store associates away from helping in-store customers find what they need and providing them with information on what they came to buy.

Reduce these logistics issues by adopting new retail solutions with mobility features. These tools can connect all employees to critical business systems like real-time inventory and order management. Or use mobile devices that allow in-store associates to communicate directly with the back store, so get orders to the pickup counter efficiently.

In-Store CX

When stepping into your store, it should be very apparent to your new and loyal customers that there is a distinctive value added to the in-store experience.

Focus on removing or at least minimizing trouble spots (both outside and inside the store) that can be perceived as inconvenient or time-consuming by customers. This means providing dedicated parking spots, placing a pickup kiosk or lockers in a practical location in the store, and displaying pickup signage.

Ensuring the entire process takes place is as seamlessly as possible, particularly in areas that create wait time, can increase the likelihood that your customers will have some extra time to shop around the store and add items to their cart—and repeat the experience regularly.

Have you made these adjustments to help your retail business master the BOPIS experience? We have solutions to support your success in making multi-channel customers out of all your shoppers—on Cyber Monday and throughout the year.

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