A powerful end-to-end retail software suite for your store, ecommerce and head-office operations

ACCEO Retail-1 offers retailers infinite possibilities. Manage every aspect of your retail business with a single software that provides everything you need to successfully operate your retail enterprise.

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Easy store operations management

Easy store operations
management and POS

Run your point of sale and store operations with a one-source enterprise solution that can manage everything from sales and inventory to employee performance.

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Unified omnichannel experience

Unified omnichannel

Use one powerful retail management system (RMS) to manage your entire business. Save time and deliver a consistent omnichannel customer experience.

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Actionable analytic solutions

Actionable analytic

Get the most out of ACCEO Retail-1 with our complete range of business intelligence (BI) applications to support smart business decisions.

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Why should you choose ACCEO Retail-1

We have been helping merchants manage their retail business with customized solutions since 1983.

Focused on mid-sized chain retailers

Focused on mid-sized chain retailers

Our retail management solution is custom-designed around the needs of mid-size specialty retailers in North America.

Committed to your success

Committed to your success

We offer a complete range of professional services and support seven days a week, including implementation and after sales consulting.

One solution for all store operations

One solution for all store operations

A single-source retail management suite for one head office of a specialty retail chain, all store operations, and all points-of-sale.

Hardware and hosting choices

Hardware and hosting choices

Because we know that your business has unique requirements, ACCEO Retail-1 lets you choose your hardware and store your data information, the way you want.

A true omnichannel solution

A true omnichannel solution

Designed to provide a universal commerce platform, our web store integration comprises a complete and fully-integrated back-office system.


ACCEO Retail-1: The Relation Between Data and the Customer ExperienceThe Relation Between Data and the Customer Experience

Ignore customer experience at your own risk. This whitepaper examines 6 key elements retailers must consider:

  • Customer Experience is the New Competitive Advantage
  • The Great Paradox
  • Using Data to Redesign the Customer Journey
  • Overcoming Bottlenecks
  • Building a Strong Technology Foundation
  • Prepare for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This whitepaper explores the relation between data and customer experience, and more specifically, the challenges retailers need to overcome to build a strong foundation for the future.

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Why our clients chose ACCEO Retail-1

Trusted partner of chain retailers since 1983

Client Running Room

The ACCEO Retail-1 SaaS model is fantastic! All the necessary infrastructure is in place. You are assured of uptime as well as the most current, newest, and hottest retail software. It’s a win-win strategy.

Michael O’Dell,
Vice President, Running Room Canada Inc.

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Have you met Simon?

Simon is our dedicated KPI reporting tool. It provides immediate real-time access to inventory, merchandising, store operations, and customer data directly on mobile devices.

Key Performance Indicators are specifically designed for retail users at the store, regional office or head office level.

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