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At ACCEO, we take pride in helping our clients optimize their business processes, maximize productivity, and increase profits. Read how our 35+ years of expertise in the retail industry has been serving retail chains like yours. Be a part of the ACCEO Retail-1 family and join the 13,000+ satisfied and successful customers.

Client Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman, a premier high-end footwear designer and retailer, has adopted the ACCEO Retail-1 SaaS solution to power its expansion in the Canadian market.

When choosing a retail software solution, listen to your gut. From the beginning, we had a good feeling about the level of technical expertise that we would access by partnering with ACCEO. To us this was almost more important than the software itself.

— Franco Niro, President, Stuart Weitzman Canada

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Client Swimco


Swimco, a beach and resort wear retailer based in Western Canada, has adopted the ACCEO Retail-1 Web Integration solution to transition its market position from local to national through e-commerce.

Our prior experience with mail-order told us that we needed to build our infrastructure to launch an effective site and provide our customers with the shopping and service experience that they expected. From start to finish, ACCEO Retail-1 and The Commercial Group delivered.

— Dave Bacon, CEO of Swimco Inc.

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Client Caroline Néron

Caroline Néron

Caroline Néron, a growing fashion jewelry and accessories chain based in Montreal, has selected the ACCEO Retail-1 Web Integration solution to extend their brand reach beyond traditional brick and mortar retailing, and access a broader market of potential customers.

A state-of-the-art e-commerce store put us on the international market with the highest speed and efficiency. And it allows us to showcase our brand spirit and style while maintaining and expanding our client base to reach new levels of success.

— Caroline Néron, Owner and President, Bijoux Caroline Néron

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Client Running Room

Running Room

Running Room, a Canadian sporting goods retailer, has chosen the ACCEO Retail-1 software as the service solution to manage its inventory more efficiently and to inform the business decision that improve their success rate.

The ACCEO Retail-1 SaaS model is fantastic! It has integrity and totally makes sense. Let’s face it, no small or middle tier retailer has a true IT environment. The ACCEO Retail-1 SaaS model is the best strategy for a retailer. All the necessary infrastructures are in place. You can increase your uptime and leverage the latest, newest, and hottest retail software. It’s a win-win strategy.

— Michael O’Dell, Vice President, Running Room Canada Inc.

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Client Shoe City

Shoe City

Shoe City, a sporting goods retailer, has adopted ACCEO Retail-1 to increase gross profits with improved merchandising and inventory management.

Our two companies have formed an incredibly strong bond over the years. The quality of the systems and support offered by ACCEO Retail-1 has allowed us to focus on the core business rather than the systems that support it.

— Ted Greenberg, CEO, ESCO Ltd.

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