Financials Management

Completely integrated into the Retail -1 software platform, our Financial Management is a powerful, feature-rich business accounting software perfectly suited for today’s leading retailers. Whether you’re a multi-channel, multi-store or multi-banner retailer, our cloud-based financials will allow you to operate more efficiently and grow your business with ease.

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Advantages of the Financial Management suite for your retail business

Make smarter, faster business decisions with complete financial transparency. Manage retail business performance, product profitability and analyze seasonality and market changes seamlessly across all channels and markets.

Fast Transaction Processing

Integrated financials

Integrated to the Retail-1 retail software suite, Financials allows you to manage business challenges such as productivity, scalability, costs and business growth. Integrate reports and source data from one centralized location and truly benefit from one version of the truth.

Complete In-Store Operations

Improved decision-making process

Obtain one version of the truth. Clear and concise business insights allow you to make smarter decisions that help you to manage purchasing, inventory, customers, and suppliers.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Real-time reporting

Gain immediate visibility into business activities and performance through the centralized database. React and respond to market opportunities, forecast sales, and examine trends and budgets using real-time data.

Complete In-Store Operations

Increased Productivity

Streamline operations and accelerate business performance by automating processes, controlling workflows and managing day, week, month and year-end activities.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Flexible architecture

Configurable to suit your needs, all financials are deployable in-house or in a private or public cloud and can be accessed from anywhere on any device – including mobile.

Financial management features and capabilities

General Ledger

Gain instant access to timely, accurate financial data with comprehensive, flexible reporting and analysis.

Accounts Receivable

Manage customer accounts and improve collections by automating processes and tracking receivables.

Accounts Payable

Track money owed, available discounts, due dates, and cash requirements. Access reports anytime, anywhere.

Cash Management

Monitor, track, predict and manage cash across multiple entities. Gain a complete view of cash flows.

Currency Management

Conduct business globally using advanced features to support international subsidiaries, vendors, and customers.

Fixed Asset Management

Create accurate financial reports, maximize tax benefits, and meet compliance requirements.

Recurring Revenue Management

Maximize revenue opportunities through improved cash flow, highly accurate billing, and superior customer service.

Deferred Revenue Accounting

Improve control and accounting for revenue recognition in future periods.

Inter-Company Accounting

Automate financial reporting, vendor payments, cash management, and inter-company goods transfers across multiple related companies.

Requisition Management

Simplify complex requisition processes involving multiple vendors, sales quotes, and approvals.

A feature-rich modular solution

A component of ACCEO ERP and completely integrated into ACCEO Retail-1, our financials enables you to automate your key processes, gain real-time visibility into company performance, and foster collaboration across your retail enterprise.

The cloud solution of the future

See how ACCEO ERP, built on Acumatica’s award winning platform, will help you streamline your company’s processes.

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