Retail Management Suite Features

The ACCEO Retail-1 management suite offers you infinite possibilities. Manage your retail business with a single software that integrates head office, in-store, and POS operations.

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Store operations made easier

Simplify your day-to-day operations by letting our software administer employee records, management reporting, receiving and transfers, and more.

Fast transaction processing at the point of sale

Customers waiting at the cash? Get that line moving fast using the power of ACCEO Retail-1 POS. Well-designed for beginners and experts alike, the easy-to-learn integrated debit/credit features will optimize cash reconciliation time. Plan your staffing strategically around peak sales and traffic periods. Boost your retail chain performance using real-time information streams to track sales, transfers, inventory, and more.

Fast Transaction Processing

Complete in-store operations

ACCEO Retail-1 helps you run your business more efficiently while spending less time on everyday operations. Maintain optimum inventory levels with controls for receiving, drop-ships, transfers, and returns, as well as store physical inventory and cycle counts.

Put your business on the fast track with improved in-store operations processes.

Complete In-Store Operations

Enhanced customer experience

We understand that the client experience is so much more than a sale—ACCEO Retail-1 has you covered.

We support your customer service with enhanced capabilities to process money cards, gift certificates and credit notes. Keep your customers coming back with robust layaway and special order features.

Customer data is integrated at the head office level providing chain-wide instant access to client information.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Centralize operations at head office

Let ACCEO Retail-1 take the stress out of running your retail chain. With head office retail administration features like merchandising and inventory management, customer data, pricing and promotion management, we give you more time to focus on your customers.

Inventory control to maximize profits

The ACCEO Retail-1 management suite includes a full range of functionalities to manage merchandise, control purchases, maintain inventory control, operate receiving and distribution, and direct warehouse and store transfers. Reorder tools ensure that you have the right stock, in the right place, at the right time.

Inventory Control to Maximize Profits

Track performance with centralized pricing and promotion

Simplify your promotion management and regulate prices. Multi-level pricing (style, color, size, etc.), multi-channel promotions, and coupons and rewards, can improve your sell-through. Your buyers can take action on the products that need attention.

Track Performance With Centralized Pricing and Promotion

Chain-wide data and CRM

The ACCEO Retail-1 customer relationship management feature supports your customer service quality, and manages customer reward programs. We are here to help you offer your client the ultimate “market of one” experience. Create that preferred customer experience by tracking history and buying habits.

Chain-wide Data and CRM

Customize your head office tools with our full range of smart applications

Harness the full power of ACCEO Retail-1 and get the most out of your data.



EIS serves as the executive information chain reporting component that summarizes the key performance indicators of stores, suppliers and merchandise.

Learn more about the dashboards app
Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Cubes is a multi-dimensional data warehouse application that uses business intelligence and data mining with full drill down capabilities.

Learn more about the data warehouse app
Gift Card

Gift Card

GEMX Money Card is the exclusive gift card solution for ACCEO Retail-1 customers that provides real-time internet access to card balances and transaction history.

Learn more about the gift card app
Markdown Management

Markdown Management

Redline takes the emotion out of markdowns. It is an intelligence tool that helps buyers create markdown strategies that optimize sales and maintain profitability.

Learn more about the markdown management app
Mobile App

Mobile App

Simon provides immediate real-time access to inventory, merchandising, store operations, and customer data on your mobile device.

Learn more about the mobile app


OTB includes integrated inventory and store planning functions like what-if models and open-to-buy analysis.

Learn more about the open-to-buy app
Store Traffic Monitoring

Store Traffic Monitoring

Traffic comprises tools to improve profitability with real-time monitoring of store traffic and conversion rates to evaluate sales and staffing efficiency.

Learn more about the store traffic monitoring app
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

E-Shipper is a warehouse management system with scanning stations and RF devices that easily integrate into your distribution operations.

Learn more about the warehouse management app
Web Integration

Web Integration

Web Store integrates e-commerce with your real-time retail operations including inventory, orders, and customer data.

Learn more about the web integration app

Tailored to your needs with custom development

Integrations to third party software are becoming increasingly common place in the retail landscape. Get the benefit of 35+ years of expertise in retail industry and give your business that competitive edge with ACCEO Retail-1.

If you are interested in hearing success stories about integration projects and what interfaces are available in ACCEO Retail-1, please ask your account manager.

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