Exclusive Gift Card Solution

GEMX Money Card is the exclusive, affordable gift card solution for ACCEO Retail-1 clients. With real-time support at the POS, GemX Money Card offers both convenience and service that is superior to any other third party gift card provider.  It provides real-time internet access to card balances and transaction history and can be sold and redeemed both in-store or online.

GemX allows you to sell, deactivate, reload, or transfer one or multiple money (stored-value) cards within a single sales transaction. No third-party fees or additional hardware needed—just guaranteed ROI.

Point-of-Sale Integration

GemX is fully integrated with ACCEO’s Retail-1 software and is easy to use and quick and seamless to implement. Retailers can benefit from providing the exclusive card to shoppers, which encourages return traffic, up-sell opportunities, loyalty, and retention.

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Cost Advantage

GemX is a lower cost and efficient solution for today’s leading retailers because it requires no additional third-party interfaces, licenses, fees, or specialized hardware.

User Flexibility

With an ACCEO Retail-1 GemX money card, customers will benefit from real-time internet access to their card balance and transaction history at all times. Gain a competitive advantage with a cost-effective, flexible, and highly beneficial gift card solution for your customers.

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Store operations made easier. Manage every aspect of store operations with a dynamic, intuitive, and easy to use all-in-one system!

Point of Sale

Simplify your day-to-day operations and run your business for success!

End-to-end in-store operations, from fast transaction processing, CRM/clienteling, inventory management & in-store fulfillment, and more!

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Store Traffic Monitoring

Improve conversion and maximize profitability!

Access real-time sales and traffic data, improve store decision-making and consolidate chain-wide results.

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Integrated Payment

Fast and secure transaction processing in-store and online!

Retail-1 integrates with various leading payment providers, offering today’s consumer a seamless and secure checkout experience.

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